Anime Fans, Here’s A Reason To Visit Perth, Western Australia This April 2022


An Event For Anime Lovers

If you’ve always wanted to visit Bentley, Western Australia, we’re now giving you a reason to do so. Tokyo Alley, a Perth-based Artist’s Convention, has organized an event called Dreamers! The anime convention will take place on April 2, 2022 at the Curtain Stadium of Curtin University.

What exactly is Tokyo Alley?

Tokyo Alley is all about supporting Perth artists, and they have been organizing regular events to bring local talent together. In their conventions, you can find collectables or prints from familiar favourites that you might not find in any other place. Discovering something new by checking out original works or having artisans do art commissions are also a delight.

Amazing Attractions in Perth

Once you’re in Perth, you can always seek its amazing attractions. The sun-soaked capital of Western Australia offers places such as the Treetops at Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Rockingham Beach, and the Aviation Heritage Museum, among many others that you can check out here. So what are you waiting for, book your accommodation now!

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