Australia & Money Etiquette For Your Circle (Part 2)


Haggling & Bargaining

Bargaining, otherwise known as haggling, isn’t common in Australian establishments. Generally, it’s only accepted at garage sales, market stalls, or online communities like Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Employees from restaurants, supermarkets and clothing stores won’t really engage in haggling, but those who sell second-hand or homemade items could be open to bargaining on the marketed price.

Cash & Cards Usage

Throughout Australia, many establishments accept cash and cards because it’s become more common to make payments via card or mobile banking. There are cash only cafés and restaurants, and they usually have a sign on their menu and/or close to the cash register. Also, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are widely available all over the country if paying with cash is mandatory. Your group should know that the Increase of hygienic measures resulting from the Coronavirus have led to most businesses reverting to card-only payments, which reduces spreading of germs through handling cash


In Australia, they also believe that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. All the effort that one puts into choosing a gift is more important than the gift itself. Although it might be different in your cluster, no one is really expecting anyone to buy costly birthday or Christmas gifts for their Aussie friends. However, it is common to see folks splitting the bill for the birthday person’s meal if they’re having a dinner celebration. Pooling cash with friends to buy a joint gift is also pretty common, too

Paying for Petrol

If your friend offers you a “lift,” which means they’ll drive you places, it’s common courtesy to fill up the ride with petrol. The sum is typically determined by how far your destination is, which can easily be talked over with the driver. Try this out with your group to see how convenient it can be.

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