PODCAST: Jason Feifer – Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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Every industry needs a good storyteller. In the world of entrepreneurship, that man is Jason Feifer. As the editor-in-chief for Entrepreneur Magazine, his work is crucial in reviving small businesses through the worldwide pandemic. Jason Feifer’s fearlessness and level-headedness make him the perfect storyteller amidst all the chaos in the business world.

According to this leader, he thrives when he looks at problems and identifies what needs to be done to transform them. Jason Feifer is a realist. His objectiveness provides a strong anchor for writers and business owners alike. Jason Feifier’s success came from taking calculated risks. He sees stability not as a stopping point but as a call for more growth.

Jason Feifer appreciates people who tell stories of struggle over those who boast of their success. That is why through this worldwide crisis, he sees opportunities. He holds a perpetual hope that this reshuffling will bring out the best in everyone.

In this interview, Jason Feifer talks about his journey towards success. He also shares how he reached the top job at Entrepreneur Magazine and all the best qualities necessary for both business and personal growth.

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