PODCAST: Terra Roams – Explorer & Only Woman To Walk Around Australia

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Are you an adventurer? We’re sure you miss exploring the outdoors during this pandemic. The “new normal” requires many of us to stay indoors most of the time. While this may bring some sadness and fear into your mind, we encourage you to stay positive and to keep the faith.

While we cannot go on exciting trips and important journeys just yet, why not listen to the story of one of Australia’s most amazing explorers? Terra Roams is an inspiring figure. She is the only woman to ever walk 17,000 km unsupported, roaming Australia. As a true explorer, she has been camping, bushwalking, cycling and sailing all over the world for 25 years.

Terra grew up by Australia’s Snowy Mountains. At an early age, she realized that she will never settle for a desk job. At 17, Terra did her first solo night walk in the mountains. Since then, she has extended to multi-month explorations of various terrains. Terra’s work also benefits climate change as her non-profit charity aims to raise marine awareness.

In this interview, Terra narrates the detailed accounts of her adventures, including her record walk around Australia. She also talks about mental health issues and offers advice on various topics.

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