Strangest Facts About Australia (Part 1)


The Australian Alps (Snowy Mountains) Beats The Swiss Alps in Catching More Snow

When people think of the Land Down Under, they usually think of it as a warm, dry country that’s teeming with unspoiled beaches and extraordinary surfing spots. Yet, Australia is also home to some snowy regions. Surprisingly, the Australian Alps, a.k.a. the Snowy Mountains, essentially get more snow each year than Switzerland’s Swiss Alps.

Home to The Lethal Box Jellyfish

Australia’s reputation as a place filled with the world’s scariest animals is true in a sense. After all, creatures like crocodiles, sharks, and poisonous snakes inhabit the nation. More than 1,500 species of spider can even be found in this country!

But although these animals are some of the most terrifying in Australia, they’re nowhere near the most fatal one—the box jellyfish. These underwater invertebrates from the coast of Northern Australia actually take more lives than any of the ones we mentioned.

The Case of the Emu War 

War, as we know it, has always been a longstanding part of human history. But did you know that an ‘interspecies war’ was also waged by humans on Australia’s tallest native bird, the emu. Between November 2 to December 11, 1932, a military force was deployed by the Aussie government to shrink the widespread emu population of Western Australia. The media even dubbed the campaign as the ‘Great Emu War.’ 

In the end, the Aussies lost the Emu War as they weren’t able to make a huge dent on the emu population, even with all the weapons they had.

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