TIPS: Professor Ricardo Sosa – Why Australia and New Zealand Are Great Study Destinations for Your PhD

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Many international students have chosen Australia and New Zealand as their study destinations. It is not uncommon to find people taking their doctorates in the Australian continent. So, what makes Australia and New Zealand great study destinations for your PhD? Professor Ricardo Sosa shares his insight on another TIPS episode.

As we all know, Australia is a great intellectual hub, especially for higher education. The level of education provided by the universities in Australia and New Zealand is among the highest internationally. The government is highly dedicated to the academe, supporting universities and allowing students to thrive. These colleges are also filled with top-level academics from all over the world attracted by what Australia has to offer.

The quality of life in these countries also fit various lifestyles. The cultural diversity, the great outdoors, the family-friendly neighbourhoods—all of these make Australia and New Zealand great study destinations for your PhD.

Finally, not only do you enjoy the benefits of great education and a relaxed lifestyle, but you also get to work. Visitors living in Australia on a student visa are allowed to work in and out of their universities. Even their partners can enjoy the same privileges.

Now, you know why Australia and New Zealand are great study destinations for your PhD. We hope all these benefits encourage you. We hope to see you soon!

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