What Are The Best Music To Study To?

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There are moments when it’s hard to find the motivation to study. That’s when music can come in handy to either give you that boost of energy or calm those nerves down brought on by an upcoming exam or assignment.

However, music is completely personal. Some may want to do without the lyrics altogether, while others may prefer louder music, keeping energy levels high. With that in mind, we’re here to help you find the kind that best fits you! 

Spotify Study Playlists

You can always search for study playlists on Spotify to find various collections suitable for you. Brain Food and Totally Stress Free are just two of the most played ones, and they have no lyrics to generate a calming atmosphere for studying. You can always make your own with the kind of music you prefer, too.

Not fond of playlists? Then listen to your favourite tunes. Just make sure they don’t distract you from doing that homework due by tomorrow morning. If you end up studying less, though, then playlists tailored for you are your best bet. 

Brownian Noise 

Brownian noise, deeper than white noise, is a type of sound often used to study or exercise because it helps optimise how the brain and body works. It’s also called brown noise or red noise and is perfect for people that need something light that produces a peaceful environment. 

Brown noise can be accessed easily on numerous streaming services, but YouTube is the best place to find some, with its different variations of videos spanning from an hour to eight hours. It’s unlike your typical study music, but it might just be the perfect background for that review session.

Classical Music 

Another non-distracting form of sound and is probably the go-to for most is classical music. Scientific research confirmed that it effectively aids the brain to either work or study. With its relaxing rhythms, passive listeners can play classical music while focused on other things. 

You’ll be glad to know that the likes of Mozart is now on Spotify and other streaming services. Mozart: Classical Music for Studying is a playlist designed to be played while occupied with work or one’s studies, so do make sure to check it out.  


We’re now down to Brain.fm, a website designed specifically for finding relaxing sounds that can increase your concentration on a current task. It uses a scientific approach in devising playlists and soundscapes, usually with no lyrics. To experience its effectivity, you can sign up for a free trial and see how merely ten minutes of listening to this stuff can get you in the zone. 

Brain.fm is ideal for folks that need help to study efficiently and maintain their motivation. Nonetheless, this website can essentially benefit most individuals, since many may not realise just how capable they are at studying when they have this on play. 

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