At Bedssi

  • we help students find a BEDroom quickly and easily.
  • We also help them truly connect with their new home and new city.
  • We are (seriously) driven, we love what we do, we laugh lots, we work hard, and we are on a constant brainstorm session.

You will be well suited if you want to work for a company:

  1. That values ideas and prioritises execution.
  2. Where you will be an important intellectual and cultural contributor.
  3. Where office culture is key (we're all good mates here).
  4. Where everybody chips in and teams from different departments help each other out.
  5. That is focused on creating ground breaking products, services and experiences. We do anything for our clients
  6. That acts small and nimble with a sense of urgency so that we are all forced to constantly look ahead and do better work.
  7. That celebrates victories and recognises people.
  8. Where the phrase "that's not my job" does not exist.
  9. That takes risks and tries things that haven't been done before. We admit that sometimes we don't know what we're doing.
  10. Where you push forward (even if you don't really know how) and learn in the process. Hustle and grit are two very important words for us.

Having said this, there's a bit of bad news. Unfortunately we are not hiring at the moment.
However, we are always looking for hidden talent.
If you're a positive, determined person, that is prepared to learn quickly and works hard take on responsibility, please send us your resume!
We will call you as soon as new positions come up.

Our promise to you is that we will have a proper read to your application.

Thanks in advance.

The Bedssi Team