1. Sublet a room and get a stable rental income

The bulk of our guests are looking to stay for more than three months. In fact 6 month or a year stays are the norm.
YOU choose what to charge. YOU are in total control of your finances.

Turn your empty bedroom in to a serious and stable money making machine.

2. Less work for you. Sublet a room for longer stays.

Tired of having to clean the room every few days, wash linen and have everything prepared for the new guest? CONSTANTLY?
With BEDSSI you will have longer term stays therefore your guests are responsible for cleaning their room.

YOU will have free time to study, to see your friends, to start the new project you've been planning for a a while. Or simply to rest!
We are positive that after a while you will be friends with the student staying at your place, and you will trust them. This means you could even go travelling!

Income Gaps

3. No more income gaps (when you sublet your room for medium and long stays).

With BEDSSI you won't have the problem of having an income 1 week. Then several days or weeks empty. Having a new guest for 3 days afterwards, and then empty again.
We will give you a consistent rental income. You will be able to plan as you now have stability.

4. sublet and rent your room quickly

You can promote your room so that it has more visibility.
Pump it up to the top of the search results. Guests will start coming and so will your stable income.

5. Make extra money (yes! Even more income)

We offer you the chance to have another source of income by offering "extras".
Pick up your guest from the airport, lend them your un-used bike or provide the linen.
All of these for a one off fee that will give you that new income that you needed.

6. Choose who to host

You have a quiet household?

      • Host a PhD,
      • master degree students or
      • executive education student.

Do you live in a young, social environment? Host a

      • language student
      • an exchange student
      • a college student or
      • bachelor degree students.

It's YOUR choice of who you want to receive and for how long.

It's proven that the great majority of students are respectful and responsible no matter the level of study or age. They are here to learn and study.

You will be able to help them and teach them about your suburb and city. They will feel at home.

7. Learn From the students staying with you

Students by default are in a constant learning and personal growth state. You'll see that this is catchy.
Whenever you least expected you will also be learning a new culture and experiencing new things. Their energy is also catchy.
All from hosting a student.

8. Sublet a room and HELP a student

Students are on a personal journey. For many of them living in your city is a dream and a life changing experience.
Finding a nice place to live is at the core of their experience. You can help by providing them with a safe, stable environment.
The big difference between tourists and students is that the latter is looking for their new home (not a temporary space).
This is the real difference between a traveller and a student: They are looking for a real connection. They are on a constant learning journey. Shouldn't we all?

9. Give back

We believe everybody has the responsibility to do something that makes the world a better place. Every booking transaction you have will make a difference as Bedssi will donate a percentage of each transaction to educational charities. This is why we thank you. Learn more

10. Sublet several rooms - List them all for free

That's right! You can list as many rooms as you want for free. Only until your room has been rented, and the payment transaction has been made, we will charge a small service commission (and it's basically to cover costs and bank fees).

But at this time we will all be celebrating!
YOU have your income and will receive a new interesting person.
YOU will have helped the student fulfil a dream.
We will also be delighted that we were able to help YOU and the student.

This is what we call a win-win-win situation. It can't get better than this!