10 Must-Know Student Accommodation Etiquette Rules (Part 1)


Residing in student accommodation is great for enjoying Australia with like-minded people. However, taking note of etiquette rules is a must when sharing a home with others to help in keeping the peace and ensuring a positive experience for everybody. With that in mind, here are ten tips to keep in mind:

Be Sociable

Obvious or not, a golden rule when it comes to student accommodation living is befriending your roommates. That comes with being friendly and approachable. A simple ‘hi’ when passing by people can go a long way. Starting a conversation can also help you meet somebody new. And who knows, you might get invited to some social events and make friends.

Inclusivity Is The Key

To enjoy your experience, it’s best to get along with everyone by being inclusive in the things you do. This shows how supportive you are, leaving no man behind. Be thoughtful of fellow tenants’ feelings by asking them if they’re open to joining you in some trips or a game of table tennis or pool.

Put Communal Areas To Good Use

A good thing about most student accommodation found in Australia are the awesome social spaces. For instance, the Student Housing Company offers stuff like cinemas, games rooms, and al fresco verandahs. Planning a party? The communal areas in your place should be perfect. Just be wary of the guidelines so that everybody can enjoy some fun time while still being safe.

No Stealing Food!

Even if that food in the fridge looks appetising, know that it’s most likely not for everybody. That means you can’t just take it, and that’s a crucial rule in sharing accommodation with others. Resolve this issue by having everybody label their food to avoid eating each other’s grub. If you really want a bite of something, though, there’s no harm in asking. You can always share with your housemates, too.

Clean As You Go

We don’t even need to say this, but we will. Who likes a dirty house anyway? And we doubt anyone likes finding a pile of dishes that somebody else is meant to wash. Whatever part of your accommodation, if you’ve used it, make sure you leave it as mess free as possible for the next person to use.

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