Get Your Gang’s Funny Bones Working At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival


What To Expect At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

With all the bad things that have happened and are still happening in the world, we need to balance it out with some lightheartedness. We all know that Melbourne is filled with lights, but they are shining even brighter with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival happening between March 30 and April 24, 2022. That’s three and a half weeks of laughter, so bring your friends and family along with you!

More About This Event

Because comedians are hitting various stages all over Melbourne, this festival is able to offer something to tickle everyone’s funny bone. This website will tell you all about the acts, shows, and events that you and the rest of your gang can experience, where they will take place, and how much you’ll need to spend. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is truly a great celebration of happiness and silliness, which will surely inspire anyone to just have fun.

Take Time To Explore Victoria

Melbourne’s culture is famous, with the National Gallery of Victoria being the jewel in the crown. However, there are other places that your group can visit while you’re in Victoria. Among them are the Grampians National Park, a breathtaking national park, Torquay, an endearing coastal resort town recognised as the access point to the Great Ocean Road, and Daylesford, a stunning spa town about an hour and a half from Melbourne.

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