The Best Tips To Start Planning That Group Trip To Australia (Part 1)


Pick Where Exactly You Want To Go

The Land Down under is filled with incredible destinations that your group of friends or family can visit.  The hard part is choosing the places you wish to visit. Every Aussie spot has its own offerings, so whether you love food, beaches, or adventures, you’ll find a perfect place to visit for sure. Just consider the time of year you plan to travel and how long you plan on staying to maximise your trip.

Discover What You Can Do @Australia

You’ll never run out of epic things to do in Australia. Immerse yourself in the oldest living culture, marvel at the glorious marine life, relax on white sand beaches, and more! Looking for Instagrammable hidden gems and destinations? Then check out @australia on Instagram and save what catches your eye into a curated folder. After completing that dreamy, picture-perfect, start with the planning.

Choose What Time Of The Year To Visit

Here’s the next important piece of your gang’s planning puzzle: working out the best time of the year to take that trip. Some of the things you need to consider are seasons, events, conferences, school holidays, and others. This is because they can affect the budget, availability, and kinds of experiences you can witness. Determine the perfect time for you to visit Australia.

Uncover Itineraries Of All Kinds

The Land Down Under might be huge, but you’ve got lots of itineraries to choose from. You’d be astonished at the many things you can experience in just three to six days. If you’re staying longer, then Australia’s seven to 10-day itineraries can offer multiple Aussie states and cultures. Staying two weeks or more? Explore the open road!

Get Down On The Local Know-How

Among the most fail-proof methods of travelling is by recommendation. Consider the finest coffee your pal had drank in Melbourne, or the astounding hike that cousin of yours experienced in Tasmania. Travelling like an Aussie has never been easier with this compilation of experiences that will surely make you feel like you’re a local!

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