5 Of The Best Water-based Escapades in Australia For Every Adventurous Group


Wriggling into a wetsuit and learning to surf

There’s no denying that Australia is an epic surfing destination, rewarding novices, intermediates, and professional surfers with outstanding waves and glistening beaches. Everyone up for a good swell should visit the Great Ocean Road’s Lorne Beach, Tasmania’s South Cape Bay, New South Wales’ The Pass at the end of Clarkes Beach, Western Australia’s Margaret River.

Island hopping on a private yacht or charter

How many islands does Australia have? Well, the country has 8,222 islands that are all uniquely charming. Among the must-see ones are the Rottnest Island, Fitzroy, the Whitsundays, and the Whitehaven Beach. Another is Kangaroo Island, for its collection of Aussie wildlife from koalas, seals, swans, wombats, and kangaroos, of course.

Snorkeling beneath the coastal waters

Veteran and beginner snorkelers alike are blessed with a diverse underwater world full of vibrant-coloured corals, enormous rock formations, historical shipwrecks, and more than 5,000 fish species, most of them endemic. In Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, you and your friends can dive the 200-metre-long Octopuses’ Garden trail and enjoy seeing sea dragons, cuttlefish, rays, and crabs. And more.

Getting up-close with bottlenose dolphins

There’s something so enchanting about experiencing direct contact with dolphins, especially swimming next to them in the wild. Check out the award-winning Swim with Wild Dolphins Cruise, operating since 1989 under Rockingham Wild Encounters, and get the opportunity to swim with the 200 friendly dolphins living in its sheltered bays and islands.

Discovering the best scuba diving spots

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef is a must-try for every diver out there, stretching for 2,300 kilometres along Australia’s northeast coast. It encompasses 600 islands, 2,900 reef systems, and 300 coral cays. But beyond that, there are lots of other places promising an abundance of marine life, from humpback whales, manta rays, and dugongs, to dolphins, marine turtles, and 5,000 fish species. Among them is the Darwin Harbour, with its 90-plus shipwrecks, most sunken in WWII.

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