5 Aussie Slangs Decoded


One cool thing about travelling to a different country is learning all kinds of local lingo. Of course, it will be mind-boggling at first, particularly when you begin to chat with Australian locals. For this reason, we’re sharing five Aussie phrases and their meanings and how to use them in a conversation!


Australians have a thing for shortening words, and ‘arvo’ is a good example of this recurring theme. It’s a slang for afternoon, which shouldn’t be confused with ‘avo’ for avocado. Here’s how you can use it:

“Is your schedule free this arvo? Come over, mate!”


It’s amazing how Aussies can condense a string of words into a simple phrase like ‘cuppa,’ which means a cup of tea. Ever since the British colonisation, Australians have also acquired a love for drinking a nice hot brew. Example:

“Let’s go to your place for a cuppa. I have biscuits to bring.”


A usual late-night activity in the Land Down Under is taking trips to ‘Maccas,’ where cheap burgers and the iconic Golden Arches can be found. Yes, you guessed it right—it’s a slang for McDonald’s!

“Are you also craving for Maccas? I know I am!”


Nope, ‘mozzies’ isn’t an abbreviated word for mozzarella sticks. It’s an Aussie term for those pesky insects that just seem to buzz around our ears once the summer comes in: mosquitos. Use it this way:

“All these mozzie bites are from yesterday’s trip to the beach.”


Thank us for you’ll never have to mistake ‘thongs’ for underwear again while you’re in Australia, for this word means flip-flops or sandals in this country. You’ll never have to be confused when you hear your friend say:

“Can you please grab my thongs for me?”

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