5 Ways to Overcome Homesickness During Quarantine

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Whether you’re an international student living abroad or an Aussie living away from your family, homesickness is definitely a malady that’s quickly catching on. This feeling comes naturally to anyone who has to move away from home. However, such sadness is heightened when coupled with the uncertainty and risk that comes with COVID-19.

The pandemic is causing plenty of depression and anxiety, especially since socialization has been limited. To many, isolation can be a real punishment. It is completely normal to feel homesick during the quarantine. However, we have tips that will help you get through your loneliness. Thanks to the internet, there are ways to overcome homesickness during quarantine:

Put your feelings into words.

You don’t need to start a blog (or vlog) to begin expressing your feelings. Find a journal or download an app on your phone that will allow you to acknowledge your feelings. Identifying your emotions is a powerful tool against depression and homesickness. Verbalizing our feelings allows you to step out of your inner turmoil. Stepping back will then give you a better perspective, or at least some room to breathe.

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Connect with your community.

One of the things we should all be grateful for during this quarantine is technology. Social media has become an even more powerful tool to connect with others. Through groups and online messaging, we can continue to stay in touch and communicate. Instant messaging allows us to get advice and words of comfort the moment we need them. Even memes make us feel like we are all in this together.

Create a flow for your days.

While you may already have a schedule established pre-quarantine, you might want to give it an update. During a big change like this lockdown, creating a flow instead of focusing on a rigid timetable can do wonders for your mental health. You can create time for relaxing activities without slacking off. You might even find pockets of time for activities you never got to do before. Most importantly, you can create time to just be still and breathe.

Take care of your living space.

Since you will be spending more time than ever at home, better make it as pleasant as it can be. Online shopping allows us to have some retail therapy. Since no one’s going to see your new sneakers for a while, why not invest in some decor? Spruce up your space with some plants and artsy pieces. Re-arrange your furniture. Create a work station. Frame photos of your hometown, childhood friends and your family. Make your space truly your own.

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Call your loved ones.

Nothing gets rid of homesickness like a good old phone call back home. Video calling is such a gift at this time. Set up a conference call with as many family members as you can. Hold a reunion for your high school gang via Skype or Zoom. Call your mum and ask her how she’s doing. Everyone is just a few clicks and taps away.

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These are simple but effective ways to ward off that sadness, at least for now. Everyone is adjusting to the “new normal,” but with our resilience and creativity, we can pull through this with grace. Also, though it may be hard, we have to stay positive and remember that this too shall pass.

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