The Best Universities in Australia

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In all the worldwide rankings, Australian universities have done very well. In fact, more than 5 of these prestigious campuses in Australia have made it to international Top 100 lists. The best thing is, wherever you go in the country, you’ll find a university in Australia that ranks among the best in the world. Each region or city has its own pride and glory when it comes to higher education.

It’s no wonder that the 3rd most popular study destination in the world is Australia, ranking next to the US and the UK. So, here are the 5 best Australian universities:

Australian National University (Canberra)

A university in Australia that has partnerships with Yale University, the University of Oxford, National University of Singapore, and ETH Zurich, Australian National University is truly world-class. The campus is located right in the heart of Australia in its capital city and seat of government, Canberra. Australian National University boasts of six Noble prize winners among its alumni and faculty. It is truly among the top choices among academics all over the world.

University of Melbourne (Melbourne)

The second oldest university in Australia is also among the best in the country. The University of Melbourne has 6,500 members in its staff, catering to around 47,000 students. This university has already taught almost 300,000 graduates, with 15% of its alumni hailing from foreign lands. Several Nobel Prize winners, such as Peter Doherty for the field of physiology and medicine, have also walked its halls.

University of Sydney (Sydney)

Another pride and joy of the Land Down Under is the University of Sydney. Ranking high in graduate employability, students thrive in its campuses and get great qualifications for their future careers. The University of Sydney also offers the broadest range of disciplines in Australia, with more than 400 areas to choose from. The University of Sydney is also research-oriented, has state of the art facilities, and offers world-class teaching.

University of Queensland (Brisbane)

With over 53,600 students enrolled in its 3 beautiful campuses, the University of Queensland boasts of a diverse and inclusive school system. 18,000 among its population are international students attracted by the University of Queensland’s awards and accolades. In fact, their alumni network has reached 170 countries. All of UQ’s students have access to advanced knowledge, supportive partnerships, and a beautiful, world-class campus.

UNSW Sydney (Kensington)

If you’re looking for a research and teaching university in Australia, the UNSW Sydney (University of New South Wales) is the place for you. Looking onto the future needs of the world, UNSW Sydney pioneers in research programs with their 8,000-strong research community. Here, you can work and study alongside experts on sustainability, quantum physics and other futuristic fields. The university boasts of 60,000 students in their campuses, with international students from 130 countries all over the globe.


No matter which you choose among these 5 highly-admired universities, you cannot lose. Choosing which city you prefer can help you decide among these great campuses. Good luck!

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