Companies Still Hiring During The COVID-19 Pandemic (Part 2)


The COVID pandemic has opened up plenty of opportunities for companies and individuals to innovate. From the rise of small businesses to updated work-from-home policies, we have been forced to be creative in our pursuit of our dreams.

There are also people who, unfortunately, lost jobs during the pandemic. As many companies struggle to make ends meet, some are let go and now have plenty of time in their hands. Luckily, there are still companies looking to hire new employees.

Here is the second installment of Bedssi’s list of companies still hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic:


Numerous entrepreneurs and artists have boosted their online presence with Squarspace. The company adds style, impact and accessibility to business all over the world. Their team, already with over 950 employees, continues to grow. During the pandemic, Squarespace is still hiring Senior Copywriters, Design Program Managers, Senior Software Engineers, and Content Marketing Senior Managers.


2020 marks Prudential’s  140th year, proving their integral role in the financial sector. Individuals and institutions have benefited from their annuities, life insurance, and investment management services. Prudential is a company that aims to protect and serve both their customers and their employees. You can begin a secure job at Prudential as an Internal Communications Director, a Financial Services Manager, a Digital Business Process Manager, or a Paralegal.


This company is among the most empowering brands in the world. Through their web, mobile and cloud financial solutions, many have access to more money, time and confidence. They use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to help business owners and self-employed individuals to launch their ideas and prosper. You can be a part of Intuit’s team as their Tax Associate, Credentialed Bilingual Tax Advisor, or Digital Delivery Chatbot Desinger/Writer.

Bowery Farming

Urban spaces have thrived when it comes to food and sustainability with the help of Bowery Farming. The company’s employees happily work for their cause: turning creative and actionable solutions for modern problems. Each staff member at Bowery promote both passion and kindness in the work they do. The company is fun, filled with a diverse set of smart and altruistic people. You can join the Bowery Farming team as an Agricultural Science R&D Operations Lead, a QA & Food Safety Associate, a Warehouse Team Lead, or a Head of Corporate Finance.

Alto Pharmacy

Be a part of a company who aims to improve humanity’s quality of life with Alto Pharmacy. Healthcare becomes a source of support instead of serving as a last resort. Alto Pharmacy also helps patients understand the complexities of insurance policies the modern way: through chat, email, call or text. They also deliver free prescriptions, along with caramel in every box. Isn’t that just sweet? Be a part of this unique pharmaceutical company. Work for them as the Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Pharmacy Technician, HIV/PrEP Partnerships Manager, or Senior Product Manager.

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