DESIGN: Yoga Dog Red Mat Wall Art Print


During these trying times, we need constant reminders for our healthy habits. As we continue to shape the “new normal,” there are many tried and tested practices that we shouldn’t let go of. In fact, many have turned to age-old traditions to get a sense of stability as the past months have propelled us forward into the unknown. Meditation (in all its forms) has been helpful to many. Movement has also kept our sanity as limitations on travelling have been put into place. Yoga is a combination of both! Another investment that surely sparked joy in many is creating and collecting art. Combine meditation, movement and art into one reminder of peace and calm:

Revolution Australia’s Yoga Dog Red Mat Wall Art Print is the perfect piece to add to your collection. Mix and match this cute dog with other art prints in your home! The Yoga Dog Red Mat Wall Art Print comes in 5 different sizes, from x-small (10″x6″) to x-large (40″x21″).

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Show your love to family and friends with a simple, unique, minimalist gift! Revolution Australia’s premium shirts, bags and other merch are one-of-a-kind pieces. The Yoga Dog Red Mat Wall Art Print is just one among many unique prints that you can give to your loved ones.

Each item from the Revolution Australia shop is ethically-sourced and locally-made.

Support small businesses and let’s rise together through these difficult times!

You can get the Yoga Dog Red Mat Wall Art Print here:

This particular design may also be bought as a racerback tank top, tri-blend T-shirt, cotton tote bag, mask and many more.

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