5 Aussie Food Trends That You Can Tap Into Now


Cost-effective but easy to adopt into your lifestyle! Check out 5 of the best food trends taking Australia by storm:

1. Sourcing Local Ingredients

COVID-19 altered our perception of food. #buylocal and #shoplocal movements have emerged as restaurant trends everywhere. Local communities have become hubs for all sorts of culinary delights, from artisan bread to Gourmet cheeses and farm-gate produce to sustainably-sourced local meats! Buy Australian!

2. Growing Our Own

Homegrown food is all the rage, and it might just be the secret to the best home cooking you’re bound to do. It’s fresher, tastes better, and way cheaper. Even restaurants and cafés are doing it! You can start by growing herbs and veggies in containers, sunlit windowsill, or, if you have the means, a raised garden bed.

3. Handmade With Love

Anything handmade just has that charm, so why not make your own sauces and condiments instead of relying on old-school bottled ones. After all, house-made is still the best! You can also try making bread, which has been a hit during the lockdowns brought on by COVID-19 in 2020. Doesn’t homemade desserts and sweet treats sound heavenly?

4. Plant-based For Mealtimes

Another huge Aussie food trend is veganism and eating plant-based meals. In fact, according to a Roy Morgan survey, around 12% of the population consumes a diet that’s mainly vegetarian. Everyone just wants good and unforgettable food moments, so you can always try aquafaba mayo, cashew cheese, egg and milk alternatives, as well as plant-based proteins.

5. Online Everything Food

Ordering and paying online for delivery or takeaway—folks these days are expecting to have this option available these days. It started as a necessity in 2020, but restaurants and cafés still find it essential today. So if you’re not in the mood to cook a meal for yourself, family, or friends, we bet your favourite restaurants and café can save the day!

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