Helpful Tips for Planning Your Dream Uni Timetable (Part 1)


What are you feeling about that new semester or trimester? Of course, with it comes a new curriculum and a new timetable, but looking at it as a fresh start will help you better organise your schedule. Since student life is fast-paced, you’ve got to be on the ball to create the ideal timetable for you. Luckily, we’ve got the best tips for you to be able to do just that!

Realism Beats Optimism

Lots of first-year students enter the study life with the mindset of proactivity, rising early for their morning lectures. But in just weeks, those 8am classes end up being skipped. That’s how easy timetables can go haywire. The best way to tackle this conundrum is to be honest with yourself. Are you an early riser or is sleeping in normal for you?

Remember: A realistic timetable is a manageable one. Don’t enter early lectures as preferences if you can’t maintain it for the long run. Your class schedule affects your lifestyle, so fully leverage it by making sure you’ll actually be able to attend your classes.

Take Note of Travel Time

Whatever time you choose for your classes, always consider how long it’ll take for you to reach campus grounds. This way, you won’t ever have to be mortified about coming in late. It is also a must to measure out the time it takes to get into the building you have to be in, especially if you’ve got a big school.

If you’re a working student, you should know the travel time between your workplace and your campus too. Trust us, you’ll never be late for class or work with a well-planned schedule.

Give Your Classes Some Space

Cramming every subject into a day or two isn’t the best game plan. Instead of enjoying your uni life, you’ll most likely end up hating it because of those full-day lectures. In turn, that can lead to skipping subjects on a weekly basis.

Having three or more days with 2–3 classes in between will give you time to relax and relish the experience better. This is also applicable to online schooling, as it helps in increasing attention span and reducing fatigue that may come with full-day online lessons.

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