How To Open An Australian Bank Account As An International Student



How To Open An Australian Bank Account As An International Student

Choosing a bank account is important.
As a student you need to find the best bank that suits your requirements.
Having an Australian bank account will also ensure that you have easy access to your money. This will also allow your employer to pay you.

There are four major banks in Australia:

There are also a variety of smaller banks, including Bankwest, St George Bank, Adelaide Bank, Bank of Queensland, Bank of Melbourne, and Suncorp Bank among others.

So how do you open a bank account?

You have two options.
  1. Open your bank account BEFORE your leave your home country
  2. Open your bank account after you arrive in Australia

Opening your bank account BEFORE your leave your home country

This is how it usually works (make sure you check every properly BEFORE making any deposits):

  • The easiest way is through their website, and using an online application form.
    Make sure you have proof of ID ready as they will ask for these (complete list is below).
  • Make sure you include all your names (middle names and last names (exactly as your name appears in your passport).
  • You will be notified and given the details of your new account Once your application has been processed and approved. After your bank account has been confirmed, you will be able to transfer money.
  • Once you arrive in Australia,
    • go into your bank and show them your passport so that you can access your money.
    • you will also receive a debit card (so that you can use ATM’s)
    • You will also be able to register for telephone and internet banking.

Opening your bank account after you arrive in Australia

Many international students prefer to wait until they are in Australia before opening a bank account.

TIP: IF  you choose this option, makes sure you open it as  soon as:

  1. you found a place to live (they will ask for your address) and
  2. your student ID card has been issued.
    Banks will open a student account that does not charge account keeping fees if you bring these two documents.

You will need to visit your preferred bank to provide your details and proof of identity documents.

Many banks will offer international students a special student account that does not charge monthly account fees.

Proof of identification

Australian banks are required to ask you for proof of identity (ID) before opening a bank account. You will need to provide sufficient information and identification to satisfy a ‘100 point ID check‘.

100 points

  • Passport (if you arrived in Australia less than 6 weeks ago)

70 points, only one document from:

  • Passport (after 6 weeks of arrival)
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate

40 points – must have a photo or signature from:

  • University /college / TAFE student card
  • Health insurance document or Health care card
  • Confirmation of enrolment from your education institution
  • Australian Drivers Licence / Proof of age card

25 points

  • Credit Card issued from a bank
  • Service/Utility bill  (This has to include your name and will have your current address. This only happens when you signed a lease document and you are the person who connected the services).
  • Foreign drivers licence

You also need to supply a residential address.
Please note: This could be your temporary address until you find permanent accommodation).
Remember to notify the bank when you change your address.


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