Internet Speeds In Australia

Internet and connectivity in Australia


Arriving into a new country is challenging.

Everything is different. Everything is new.

It is very likely that the room you will live in has WiFi bills included already.

Which means that you will be able to connect and start using it right away.

Internet is one of the most common reasons for complaints from people coming from overseas. They normally think it is the room owner’s fault but it isn’t.

This is simply how the internet works in Australia.

If you’re used to high speed, good quality internet that is also free in a lots of public areas, Australia will be a bit of an adjustment. While improvements are constantly made, Australia has one of the slowest speeds in the developed world.

Having it setup can be arranged without to much of a hassle, however “internet” (as we mentioned before) is a consistent complaint with visitors. Especially from those who are arriving into places that mention ultra-high speeds.


It is unusual to find unlimited download amounts.

Take this into account when using internet in Australia and make sure all these issues are clear before signing anything!

IF a provider offers WiFi contact them and make sure it is unlimited. Many providers in Australia have a 5GB and 10GB a month cap. IF you want to have more downloads you will have to go to the reception and buy more data.

Australia is ranked 31 in the world with internet speeds (which is not bad). There is however high Internet penetration in the country with 97% of the population without children having access to the internet compared with 82% of households with children under 15.

So there you have it. When choosing a room in Australia, and before signing anything, make sure you have clarity of what you are getting, especially when it comes to data amounts for downloads.

Want to learn some tips on how to get settled as soon as you arrive in Australia?

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