Make Sure To Consider These Things Before Choosing An In-Office, Remote, Or Hybrid Work Setup (Part 1)


It wasn’t too long ago when the typical work arrangement was working at an office for 40 hours per week. The opportunity to work remotely was a rare one that only a handful of companies in specific countries offered, or a setup that employees had to negotiate hard for.

Then the pandemic happened, and we all know where that led. But now that vaccines are rolling in, restrictions are being lifted, companies are thinking of possibly returning to the office system. With that in mind, here are some things to consider before entering either an in-office, remote or hybrid setup:

Health and Safety: Physically and Emotionally

The emergence of the coronavirus left companies with no choice but to give more consideration to health and safety. As part of the workforce, you must stay cautious and think through the health and safety consequences of once again becoming a full-time office employee over working in a setting that’s either fully remote or a hybrid of these two.

On top of that, one big must that you should reflect on is examining what an in-office, remote, or hybrid setup might mean not just for your mental health but also for your emotional well-being.

What’s Your Job Description?

The pandemic has also led companies and businesses to reconsider which jobs really do require an in-office attendance. However, there are still professions that cannot be done remotely. Some examples of these are those in the healthcare, hospitality, and travel industry.

In one case, your choices might depend on the type of work you do that has little room to manoeuvre, whereas others offer that flexibility for you to decide. Contemplate on these as you figure out whether to work in an office-based setting, in a remote environment, or in a hybrid arrangement.

Your Communication Style

Thriving at any job entails clear communication, whether it’s with your clients, supervisor, colleagues, or anybody else you have to work with as part of your role. This is why it’s essential to be wary of your communication styles and preferences.  

Love in-person interactions? Then an office-based setup might be the most effective arrangement for you. However, if you like being able to take a minute to ruminate on your responses, then working remotely might be the best option because communication mostly happens through digital platforms. You might also be someone who likes to have in-person meetings, but would rather execute your part of the work alone. In that case, a hybrid arrangement is the top choice.

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