PODCAST: Mark J Bray – Coach, Head of Knowledge and Strategy of Hassell

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Do you love stories of people who took an unconventional route to achieve success? Mark J Bray did not spend a day in university. However, he is now a business coach, and head of the knowledge and strategy team in one of Australia’s top architecture firms.

Mark left high school at the age of 16, a move he doesn’t recommend for everyone to try. However, he shares how doing so allowed him to make the most of his time outside the walls of a uni. It was definitely not an easy road. After years of apprenticeship and training in the construction industry, his first business still went bankrupt.

He had to resort to taking every opportunity. He performed roles he knew nothing about. His resilience and determination led him to work with high-calibre architects all over the world. He also became further involved in high-profile projects including Swiss Re building and Wembley Stadium in London. Now, Mark works with Hassell, one of the biggest architecture companies in Australia and Top 30 in the world, as the Head of Knowledge and Strategy.

In an interview with Innovator Diaries, Mark talks about the importance of his role in Hassell. He shares some valuable findings and research his team has been working on. Mark also talks about creating genuine happiness, valuable life lessons, and the road to success. He also offers advice to students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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