PODCAST: Alvin Law – Living Proof That Everything Is Possible

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With decades worth of speaking engagements and features, Alvin Law makes us believe that anything is possible. This revered public speaker is a living example of gratitude, resilience and kindness. His disability makes us rethink our lives and re-evaluate our limitations.

Born without any arms, Alvin Law has been adapting and rising to life’s challenges since he was born. His foster parents allowed him to thrive with unconditional love. By tapping into his essence, they made him realise that setbacks are not hindrances; they are challenges to be overcome.

A keynote speaker since 1988, Alvin Law has made a living from inspiring others. He does so with so much gratitude and generosity. Another remarkable skill he has is being a world-class drummer. What’s your excuse, right? Alvin Law is a man on a mission. His goal is to spread as much positivity. He is helping society not just by being an example. He truly reaches out to others. He actively contributes to making the world a better place.

In this interview, Alvin Law talks about his failures and triumphs. He talks about how you can live a life as full and happy as his. This episode is a treasure box of the biggest lessons this unique man has learned in life.

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