PODCAST: Eddie Woo – Creator of WooTube & One Of The Best Teachers In The World

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Life as we know it has been turned upside down. This involves the way we work, the way we shop, and even the way we learn.

Luckily, technology remains an ever-present tool for gaining and sharing information. As if predicting the need for educators on YouTube, Eddie Woo has created his channel many years before the pandemic. In fact, he now has over 900,000 subscribers! That number becomes even more impressive when you learn what topic he discusses on his videos: Mathematics.

Eddie is an educator who has won various awards including, NSW Premiere Prize For Innovation in Science and Mathematics. He also became the Education Ambassador for the University of Sydney. Eddie is also 2018’s Australia’s Local Hero. He became an online rock star and published author because of how he can encourage the youth to get excited about trigonometry and calculus! That is truly an astonishing feat.

So, during this quarantine, I bet we all have a lot to learn from Eddie and his teaching approach. In this 2019 interview, Eddie talks about his passion for math. He talks about the challenges and joys of being a teacher. He also shares stories about his YouTube videos, and why he thinks his channel has proved to be a hit.

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