PODCAST: Kim Ellis – Australian Antarctic Division Director

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Kim Ellis is a resourceful leader who creatively produces solutions. This is what makes him a great director for the Australian Antarctic Division. He is a man of curiosity and self-reliance, a good leader who teaches resilience and courage by example.

In his job, he is asked to manage a team of people for months on end in the Antarctic. He likes to work with people who are like him: those who are not satisfied with the way things are. He thrives with people who create new ways of thinking and doing. Kim Ellis is a man of independence who believes in putting one foot in front of the other as the only way to live. Despite being his own man, he also values acknowledging his vulnerability, which allows him to reach out to others for guidance.

Kim Ellis doesn’t see mistakes as detrimental to his mission, but as lessons for the road ahead.

In this interview, Kim Ellis talks about how he makes tough decisions and faces different challenges. He also shares how he handles change and how he builds resilience.

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