PODCAST: Kirsty Bonner – Career Advisor, Interview Preparation Expert and LinkedIn Content Advisor

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Kirsty Bonner was a top consultant for job interviews and career shifts. She dedicated her life to helping her clients and LinkedIn followers land the job of her dreams. Her actionable, practical and smart tips continue to help many even after her untimely demise.

During her life, Kirsty Bonner has exhibited immeasurable resilience and kindness. Through persistent hard work and selflessness, she has provided quality advice to millions of people regarding their careers. As an advisor, she was precise and straightforward. She pointed out mistakes and opportunities in resumes, profiles and attitudes to help people shine brighter.

Perhaps her greatest skills are rooted in the variations of life she has gone through, both personally and professionally. Her knowledge of the job market, her digestible tips and her vigour to really do the work to help others is incomparable to anyone of her position and stature. Kirsty Bonner is passionate and honest. You could not ask for a better beacon of hope in a coach, a colleague and a friend.

In her second and final interview with Innovator Diaries, Kirsty Bonner shares how to maximize our transferrable skills. She also shows us how to make our job application stand out.

Rest in Peace, Kirsty.

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