PODCAST: Kirsty Bonner – Career Consultant and LinkedIn Contributor

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Learn not just from an expert in her career but from an expert of all careers as well. Meet Kirsty Bonner, a highly sought after career consultant. She has dominated different careers and is powerfully driven by her desire to help others.

Kirsty is a LinkedIn expert and contributor with more than 350,000 followers. She values the immense responsibility that comes with having a huge network of people following her advice. She has successfully worked in the field of finance for 20 years. For all those years, she has been badgered by insecurity and the need to prove herself.

After deciding to quit her high stress job, at 40 years old, she studied Psychology and travelled the world. Her month-long expedition to over 18 countries educated Kirsty deeply on what employment is like in all parts of the world. This is also when she began exploring LinkedIn and found numerous job seekers who needed her expertise.

In this interview, Kirsty shares plenty of very useful tips for choosing a job, getting ready and nailing interviews. She also talks about how she deals with the expectations of being a high profile consultant.

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