PODCAST: Natasha Munasinghe – Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Educator

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Stories of women achieving success in their chosen field are always inspiring. Such is the tale of Natasha Munasinghe, who is not just an amazing lawyer but is also a successful business owner and educator. She is currently the CEO of a leading education and training company in Australia that has trained more than 80,000 people in leadership and business skills.

Natasha was born in Sri Lanka, where she was highly influenced by her grandfather, a university lecturer,  and her mom, who was a lawyer. She came to Australia as an international student from the Fiji Islands. After graduating from her university, she took a job at a medical research organisation. However, she decided to give it all up to travel around the world.

Eventually, Natasha saw the opportunity to become an entrepreneur when the sale of an education and training business came her way. Fearless and intuitive woman that she is, she said ‘yes’. Fast forward to the present, Natasha now heads her own company that conduct hundreds of training programs and have trained tens of thousands of people across the country.

Innovator Diaries has interviewed Natasha in August 2018. In this podcast episode, Natasha provides us with sound advice in building and sustaining a business. She also talks about the process of creating long-lasting growth in both a professional and personal level.

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