The Most Popular Australian Food (Part 1)


Australia is indeed a multicultural destination. You can find just about any cuisine in its busy, beautiful restaurants. However, there are plenty of delicious foods that are truly Australian. These delicacies are unique to the Oz and truly make them proud. They provide comfort, a sense of identity and brings plenty of memories to any true Australian.

So, here is the first instalment of Bedssi’s list of the most Aussie dishes you can find in the country:


Vegemite, Vegemite on toast

One truly Australian food you’ll be asked to try as soon as you enter the country is Vegemite. This dark brown paste is made from yeast extract and spice additives. Curious, isn’t it? It’s a vegetarian treat that is often eaten with toast and butter. Aussies also enjoy Vegemite with avocado, cheese or tomato.

If you’re going to try out this unique spread, make sure to be liberal with the butter but take it easy with the Vegemite. Unlike a peanut butter spread, it’s better when spread thin. This Melbournian paste is rich in Vitamin B and has become a staple for breakfast, lunch and tea. Definitely a must-try!

A burger with “the lot”

burger with the lot, beetroot burger, Aussie burger

If you’re a fan of meat, you can never go wrong with Aussie beef. Spice things up and go all-out Australian by ordering a burger with “the lot.” This includes BBQ-ed meat, salad, sauce, a slice of pineapple, fried egg and finally, some beetroot. This unique twist to a typical burger is perfect after a day at the beach.

This burger with beetroot has become so popular that McDonald’s created the McOz as a homage. However, it’s always best to get your burger with the lot at a local joint like Burger Me Fresh in Coolangatta.


Lamington, Australian dessert, Aussie sweets

Craving for some dessert? Lamingtons are local sponge cakes covered in chocolate and coconuts. It’s square-shaped and often comes in variations that are filled with cream or jam. Many prefer these modified Lamingtons as they have that extra oomph that will compel you to devour more squares than you’d like.

Lamingtons go well with some bush tea or one of Melbourne’s world-famous coffees. These delicacies are available in bakeries and cafes all over the Oz. Kytons Bakery in Adelaide is the best place to try out this sweet treat.


Barramundi, pan-seared fish, pan-roasted fish, Australian fish

Why take on all those calories from fish and chips when you can feast on some Australian barramundi? Literally meaning “large-scaled river fish,” this fish is best served grilled, pan-fried or skin-seared. Barramundi can also be cooked as a fish steak with herbed oil. This healthy alternative is abundant in Queensland and is served in restaurants all over the Oz.

Make an adventure of it and catch your own Barramundi! This heart-healthy Asian sea bass works great for most white fish recipes and most cuisines. Cooking it in your kitchen is sure to be a delight!


Pavlova, Australian dessert, Aussie sweets

The battle between Australians and Kiwis persist when it comes to the pavlova. Whoever created this dish, it was named in honour of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova when she visited the continent in the 1920s. This truly Aussie sweet has a crispy meringue crust. It is then filled with light fruit and topped with whipped cream and more fresh fruit. Yum! The pavlova is perfect for family meals and special occasions.

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