Is Australia The Second Most Popular Study Destination in The World?

PBSA in Australia

According to the latest JLL research report, Australia is now attracting more people to come and study than Britain.

  • This would mean that Australia is now the second most popular international education destination in the world behind the U.S. This seems to be a long term opportunity for a country that is forecasting an increase in international numbers in the years to come.
  • Within the country itself, this also means that the Education Industry is set to become (if not already) the second most important industry, behind mining.
  • People coming from overseas to study in Australia account of more than 25% of the student population in the country.

In relation to purposed built rooms in Australia:

  • There is still lots of room for improvement even though there has been heavy investments in the past couple of years. The 8 biggest room providers/investor in Australia account for around 32,000 student beds (mainly in Melbourne and Sydney, followed by Brisbane).
  • In previous years the majority of PBSA were owned by universities or affiliated providers.
    Today the majority of  purposed built rooms are owned by private commercial operated companies / investors.
  • There are new entrants to the sector but they are limited. The main growth comes from the existing players who are currently on growth mode (some of them looking at Adelaide and Perth as well).

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