Balancing Your Study, Work, & Daily Life (Part 1)


Studying while working on the side isn’t easy. Finding work-life balance is already hard enough, so balancing your study, work, and daily life is definitely challenging. To pull it off, one must develop positive habits and a great deal of time management skills. We know you’re up for the challenge, though.

It’s an understatement to say that you’re busy while working and attending university. And although self-care is important for optimum performance, many folks fail to attend to their needs during hectic moments. We know enjoying yourself while taking online classes and working is difficult, so we’ve got six tips to make it a breeze!

Get Yourself a Planner

Whether you’re into the newest app or the classic paper planner, it’s essential to know about possible scheduling conflicts ahead of time in order to create arrangements. We know you wouldn’t want your employer assigning you to a shift on your exam day.

Making a good class, work, and schoolwork schedule with their own suitable time slots will help in recharging your brain and body. On top of that, prioritising is a vital skill that you can utilise in any future career.

Communicate with Your Boss

Discussing your scheduling needs with your manager is essential in balancing your study, work, and daily life. Simply arrange a meeting with your boss. First off, check in with expectations–what are you doing that has to change? What about your approach is working?

After that, run through significant days you will have to be covered for and cooperate with your employer in meeting you halfway with your needs. For sure, they will appreciate all this instead of you just leaving them hanging with no help.

Do Some Hearty Meal Prep

A lot of foods that are commercially available nowadays are no longer filled with essential nutrients because they’ve already been processed. If you don’t get enough minerals and vitamins, sickness and sluggishness are two things you’re bound to encounter. Plus, it will mess with your mood and ability to focus.

For your grab-and-go daily nutrition, preparing whole-food freezer meals during your least-busy day is the way. Love snacking? We recommend having phytonutrient-packed fruits and magnesium-rich nuts instead of the usual chips and pretzels.

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