Tips to Get Hired for Your First Marketing Job (Part 1)

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Marketing is a field rich in excitement. A career in marketing will push your creativity like never before, but first, you need to be creative enough to land your dream job! Finding a job can be a daunting, all-too-real task, especially when you are fresh out of college. Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to share with you.

Stand out and be seen when you apply for a marketing position by following these tips:

Know what you want.

There are different roles you can choose from when you go down the marketing career path. Some common marketing paths include:

  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • content marketing
  • product marketing
  • market analysis and growth marketing
  • communications
  • event marketing
  • SEO and E-commerce
  • brand management

What kind of position are you comfortable holding now? What do you see yourself doing as you grow, 5 to 10 years from now? Don’t forget that you are free to explore and you can always change your mind.

Ask questions.

Do you know anyone who is already in the marketing industry? Don’t hesitate to call them up and interview them. It could be a relative, a professor or classmate, a friend–anyone in your personal network will do. This way, you can prepare for your application through the lens of people who already know how the industry works.

You can ask questions about different marketing roles, challenges in the industry, the most rewarding aspects of their job, and so on. You can even ask directly on how you can land a marketing job with no prior experience. Asking questions before you actually apply will also give you time to work on the skills you need on the job.

Get influenced.

Keep up with the latest news and info on marketing in general through reading blogs, signing up for newsletters, and following influencers on social media. Technology is truly your best friend as you get connected to people and their ideas in a tap or a click. Doing so also helps you filter out the companies that do not resonate with your goals and values.

The information you gather as you scout and get influenced will also come in handy during interviews. Any panellist will be impressed by your industry knowledge. Your enthusiasm will add points to your application, and you’ll be more ready than those who did not do their research.

Another great way to be immersed in the culture is to find a mentor in marketing. Having someone guide you can make a world of difference to your career path. Having a mentor allows you access to insights and tips you won’t get with your colleagues and peers. You can even gain endorsements and recommendations for the position you wish to land.

You can find a mentor in a professor you’ve always admired, a respected supervisor during your internship, or through marketing groups and societies.


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