Top 10 Australian Cities For Students Getting Their Education In The Land Down Under (Part 1)


Australia is filled with magnificent towns and cities. But if you’re wondering which ones are the best for university students, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bedssi, we’ve got the Top 10 uni towns, beginning with the tenth:

10. Bathurst

Bathurst is our list starter primarily because of two distinctive factors—pricing and populace. It’s got to be the most low-cost uni town in our Top 10, being $65/week cheaper compared to others on here. Because of this, students can reasonably save while pursuing their education, or otherwise allocate more to their housing. There’s also a fairly high volume of students, allowing for an enjoyable and stronger sense of community.

9. Newcastle

Newcastle is rapidly emerging as a noteworthy student town in the Land Down Under, as it experienced a sudden increase in the city’s student population in recent years. This sudden increase might be connected to the growing difference in the cost of living between Newcastle and Sydney, as the former offers an exceptional environment for those opting for a tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle by the beach.

8. Wollongong

Wollongong, known as “The Gong” as it’s fondly referred to by local residents and students alike, has turned out to be one of the leading candidates for a legitimate Aussie university experience. Its high student population (more than 13% of the overall population) reflects on how this small city really focuses on uni life. Wollongong’s natural landscape is also a highlight, since its bountiful beaches and nearby bushland makes it appealing, particularly for international students. 

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