Ways To Connect When Feeling Isolated As An International Student


It’s normal to feel isolated as a student abroad, and that’s with or without the impact of the coronavirus. But remember: You are not alone in this. So, here are some things you can do to connect if the feeling of isolation ever comes knocking:

Writing Down A Letter Or Sending Care Packages

Overwhelmed with virtual schooling or your online job? That might be because of digital fatigue. Put the screens away for a while and go back to the feeling of raw human connection by writing a letter to your friends or loved ones. If you have the extra budget, send them care packages to let them know you have them in mind.

Going Out For Fresh Air

Try to take regular walks outside to have a change of scenery. This will help mellow out your mood through the absorption of vitamin D. It’s also a great reminder that others might be experiencing the same feelings of isolation as you, so be generous with your smile and pet a dog, if one comes your way.

Hobbies, Hobbies, Hobbies

Do what you loved doing before the feeling of isolation entered your heart. Is it exercising, painting, baking, singing, watching, movies? Whatever it is, do that. You can always look for a class or a local business you can support online nowadays, anyway. You can also invite friends that share the same interest for a fun day to be shared with other like-minded souls.

Presence And Gratitude

The past and the future are where the ego and anxiety reside, not the present moment. Whenever you’re outside, take a minute to close your eyes and tune in to your senses (i.e. hearing, feeling, smelling, etc.) to connect to your surroundings and bring you right back to your body. If you’re at home, pick and focus on three things, then think of the story behind them. You’ll surely feel all the feels with the memories they’ll invoke and feel grateful for them.

Engaging in Alternative Worlds

When reality gets too much to bear, you can always dive into alternate ones. Binge-watching on Netflix, devouring a new novel, or discovering an interesting podcast is a soothing and amusing way to connect with yourself through other characters by delving into their narrative. Escape for a while with all pleasure and no guilt!

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