10 Amazing Reasons Why You & Your Mates Should Choose To Stay in Melbourne As International Students (Part 1)


Melbourne is among the world’s most liveable cities

As of 2021, Melbourne is still part of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world as well as in Australia. Some reasons why it’s deemed an amazing short and long-term destination are its numerous public transport selections, abundance of work opportunities, and comparatively low crime rates. On top of these, this city also has an outstanding artistic and cultural scene, world-class universities, and laid-back lifestyle.

It has top-notch research facilities

Melbourne and academics come hand in hand. A number of its universities sit on the world’s top-ranked institutions. As a city of creativity that has first-rate academics and an exhilarating entrepreneurial spirit, attending seminars and master classes here will make you think outside the box.

It’s got a rich, vibrant, and sensational street culture

There’s magic in Melbourne’s twisting lanes that can make anyone feel as though they’ve walked into Wonderland. It’s famous all over Australia for the vibrancy of its lane culture, overflowing with busy shopping arcades, tranquil street-side book cafés, live music with talented musicians… and some occasional secret street parties! There’s also the good food and tons of great street art, so always bring your camera.

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Are you and your mates the kind of people that always need their caffeine fix? Well, we have awesome news to share! Melbourne has always had a strong café culture for coffee lovers to appreciate. It’s world champion baristas, welcoming neighbourhood ambience, and locals supportive of small business has Melbourne cafés serving up some of Australia and perhaps even the world’s best coffee!

Cultural capital of Australia

Melbourne has always been known as an eccentric, creative and art-loving city. Want to dive more into the city’s culture? Visit places like the National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Melbourne also has a thriving underground arts movement that is mirrored in its zine fairs, record stores, artist collectives, dance clubs, and more.

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