10 Amazing Reasons Why You & Your Mates Should Choose To Stay in Melbourne As International Students (Part 2)


Melbourne has an incredibly diverse community

As a melting pot of communities, Melbourne has a variety of cultural celebrations. Some of them are the Melbourne Italian Festa, Antipodes Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Chinese New Year, and the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. Also, checking out the neighbourhoods sitting around the CBD will do you good, as you’ll find a lot of different communities from all across the globe in each one.

Fun-filled trams

Melbourne has become famous for its trams, its primary public transportation, which have also become an icon. Locals love their tram system, which has trams that are just as vibrant as the city itself. From 2013, the Melbourne International Arts Festival has teamed up with local artists in decorating trams with one-of-a-kind designs. As of 2022, the First Peoples Art Trams Project has been on a roll.

A super accessible airport

Groups of international students can rejoice in knowing that there’s an airport nearby. It’s incredibly convenient, particularly when looking to stay at the city for a few days up to a month and travelling back home afterward. Fortunately, Melbourne’s airport can be accessed easily because it’s only 20 to 35 minutes away from the city centre.

An astounding location for start-ups

Starting a small business while staying in Melbourne might just be one of the smartest moves you can make. The city offers lots of small business grants to ideas that are creative, innovative, business ready, financially viable, and can benefit Melbourne itself. Sounds exciting, huh? Well, you can always take the leap!

Melbourne is the ‘best student city’ in Australia

It’s no secret that Melbourne has consistently been named the ‘best student city’ in the Land Down Under for local and international students alike. The website Leverage Edu has even placed it as the world’s fourth-best student city in August 2021! Affordability is no question coupled with employer activity, which leads to desirability. With all these reasons, Melbourne might just be your next long stay destination!

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