10 Must-Know Student Group Accommodation Etiquette Rules (Part 2)


Chores Are To Be Shared

With this in mind, cleaning regularly should be done by everybody. To be fair, make a rotating roster wherein every roommate is slated for specific tasks through the week. By doing this, you get to keep your place neat and orderly, with everybody contributing equally.

Keep Noise On The Low

Consideration for other roommates apart from your group is vital in close-quarter living. Simply put, keep all the clamour down to a sound level whenever you talk, listen to music, or take calls.

All of these are particularly important in shared study spaces and in the evenings, typically between 10pm onwards, when housemates might need to get up early for their class in the morning.

Limit Time Spent In The Bathroom

With up to eight individuals residing in one place, using a common bathroom at daybreak can lead to chaos if some folks don’t respect their housemates. Contemplate the amount of time you need to spend in the bath and try to get in and out as quickly as possible. This way, everybody can get to where they need to be on time.

Respect Privacy At All Cost

Occasionally, people need their alone time. If a roommate or someone from your group wants to go solo for a few moments, respecting their need for privacy and letting them be are the best things you can do. Moreover, always knock before entering a room, especially if you’re met with a closed door.

Ask Permission Before Using Anything

In communal housing, people usually leave possessions like portable speakers, clothing iron, and kitchen tools lying around. Though you might be tempted to use something that’s not yours when you’re in a rush, be sure to ask permission from the owner of the item you want to borrow. As soon as you’re finished, place the item back to its original place and in a similar condition to how you first found it.

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