Top 10 Australian Cities For Students Getting Their Education In The Land Down Under (Part 2)


Let’s continue with our Top 10 list of the best Australian cities for students studying in the Land Down Under:

7. Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is fortunate to have some of the finest weather in Australia, and its blend of good climate, awe-inspiring beaches and a bustling night scene is why it made it to this list. Its reasonably modest cost of living also adds to its advantages over some of the uni towns listed here that might be bigger and more known. On the other hand, the Gold Coast has quite a low percentage of students, with less than 3% residing in the city.

6. Perth

Perth offers the prospect of an amazing lifestyle for those seeking top-tier university education, paired with mostly amicable weather conditions. It’s one of Australia’s fastest developing towns, presenting wonderful opportunities for students willing to navigate the Nullarbor. Although it comes with a pretty high cost of living and a lower student population (2.80% of the city’s overall population), Perth has quite the high-quality education that extends to all of its four universities, which increases the variety of options for students in the city.

5. Adelaide

On the lookout for a city with a natural setting that has everything? Then Adelaide is the place for you! Packed with extensive parkland, beaches, and bushland, it’s a gorgeous green city, where students wanting weekend getaways can frolic in abundant natural surroundings. All this, along with its four renowned universities, has enabled Adelaide to nurture an inimitable student culture in the past decade. The City of Churches’ lives up to its name, too, as it’s filled with architectural highlights and lush botanical gardens.

4. Canberra

The kind of lifestyle that Canberra offers to its university students is a great one. It has a fairly large student population (more than 6% of the town), leading to a stream of student-oriented services. Also, the Australian National University is the highest-ranked uni in Australia, tying at 19th in the QS World University Rankings, thus providing greater opportunities for both local and international students. Although it’s one of the few major cities not located on the coast, those that prefer familiarity when going out might find Canberra as the best city for their schooling.

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