All The Things You Can Expect In The Annual Melbourne Food & Wine Festival


Celebrating the Wonders Of Food And Wine

We’ve already mentioned how Melbourne is such a great city in other BEDSSI articles, but it just got better with the annual Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

Deemed as one of the best festivals in the Land Down Under, the event that dates back to 1993 will let foodies have a taste of exceptional dining experiences through the best Melbourne restaurants offering an outstanding line-up of amazing food.

Schedule and Venue

We know you can’t wait to know where in Melbourne the 2022 MFWF will be held. So, we’re here to tell you that it’s happening at various sites, from Queen Victoria Market to different restaurants and bars throughout the city, between March 25 to April 9.

For details on the individual events, make sure to check out the MFWF website. The affair, backed by the Bank of Melbourne, celebrates Victoria’s food and wine industry, attracting over 150,000 attendees. So make sure you attend this event, and the ones to be held in the following years. 

Find Melbourne Accommodations Close To MFWF

Of course, you’ll want to go back to the best accommodation after a busy day of discovering and eating Melbourne’s finest food. Making the most of your excursion is a must, so organise your trip and find housing nearby all the action.

Some of the best parts of your culinary holiday would be exploring all the produce that make up the delectable food and discovering Melbourne’s world-famous market scene. From food and flowers to fashion picks and mementos, Melbourne markets will for sure accommodate your needs.

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