PODCAST: Stiven Kerestegian – IKEA Head of Global Innovation


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Creativity and curiosity are the things that propelled Stiven Kerestegian’s life forward. It is through enhancing these skills that he has worked for companies like Kodak, Lego and Ikea. He is an amazing observer of materials and space.

Stiven Kerestegian’s goal is to creat designs that make lives easier yet more meaningful. He does so by adding value to the ordinary and creating inspired masterpieces. Aside from his skills, it is his optimistic attitude and desire to live life fully that led to many doors opening for him.

Apart from doing incredible work at Ikea, Stiven Kerestegian is also the proud founder of Chilote Shoes. Here, he has created a business model that provides sustainable solutions and promotes local culture. It is a space for him to unleash more of his creativity and passion, and to serve a cause close to his heart.

In this interview, Stiven Kerestegian talks about the importance of applying creativity to various aspects of our lives. He also shares useful tips on how to purposefully make use of the time we have on this planet.

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