Best Places For Party And Entertainment In Australia

Party and entertainment in Australia - Tips for international students


It is important that you separate your living space (student accommodation) and the party place.

Many student accommodation options have strict rules about noise levels, in order to respect and not bother the neighbours.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

There are lots of places in Australia where you will be able to meet new people, relax, change your routine, unwind or go dancing. In fact, each city has its own awesome and unique places.

Whether you’re a party animal or the reserved type, these are the top sites for your [relaxation time] after a hard working / studying day.

Australia has LOTS of fun things to do. Both paid and free.

Our recommendation is to check the city websites and also join a facebook group called: HOW TO STUDY AND LIVE IN AUSTRALIA.

Great tips are provided on regular basis. As student in Australia you will love and will find all the information useful.

If you are thinking in travelling throughout Australia you will love an Instagram channel called “Study.Australia”.
Regular pictures of great places around Australia to go and visit are posted here.

CITY WEBSITES (Learn about cool places and activities, including best places to party in Australia):


It’s against the law to consume illegal drugs in Australia. You can only consume alcohol if you are over 18 years of age.

Most premises don’t allow smoking inside. In fact it is not allowed to smoke in your student apartment in Australia at any given time.


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