The Most Common Interview Questions (Part 2)

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Are you tired of being unprepared for your interviews? Worry not! There are many ways to get yourself ready for those life-altering moments. Though a formula cannot be created for each question, knowing HOW to answer is the key to success.

Considering the questions and answers already given in Part 1, it’s pretty normal to feel like you’re repeating yourself. However, knowing the difference and the best way to answer all types of questions might help you stand out.

Let us help you step up your game. Here is the second instalment of the most common interview questions and how to answer them:

Why should we hire you?

Some interviewers like to be a bit intimidating when asking you about yourself. When this question comes up, keep your cool. When they ask this question, they’re actually looking at 3 different things. The first one is whether you will go the extra mile to deliver results. Then, they’d like to see how you would fit into the team and the company culture. Finally, let them know what makes you a better candidate than all the rest.

Prove your worth by committing to delivering results and knowing the company culture. Stand out from the crowd by knowing yourself and being confident of who you are.

What are your greatest strengths?

You can’t just ramble on about what a great person you are. The real question is what makes you a great fit for the role you’re applying for. Keep your adjectives precise and simple. Focus on your best traits that are necessary to get the job done. Provide examples through specific stories and avoid generalizing.

What are your weaknesses?

Feeling pressured whenever you’re asked this question. Keep your cool. This is not a trap, and there is certainly a smart way to answer. The best way to know how to respond is to understand what is really being asked here. This question measures your honesty and your self-awareness.

Don’t put any hint of self-pity nor should you get arrogant. Find a sweet spot between talking about a skill you truly struggle with and showing how you’re working to improve it. If time management is a weakness, how are you working on improving this skill?


We hope you learned some new tricks with this interview question and answer guide. Don’t worry, though: We’re not finished! Watch out for the 3rd part of this series to learn more.

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