PODCAST: Richard Bowles – World Record Holder, Human Guinea Pig

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Want to learn how to have great adventures by doing things despite your fear? Richard Bowles is an adventurer like no other. He has been dubbed as a Human Guinea Pig. This is because of how he bravely explores the craziest physical and mental challenges in the wild. He is a man who lives with both passion and intuition, and his resilience is truly inspiring.

Richard Bowles’ extreme projects, thrilling as they may be, also offer plenty of wisdom as well. He happily imparts what he has learned during his talks and appearances across the globe. It is through these adventures that he is able to inspire many to face their fears and live their lives to the fullest.

However, Richard Bowles believes that the greatest triumph we can achieve is overcoming our own emotional setbacks. In setting ourselves free from self-doubt and second-guessing, we become our best selves. To live this fully, he listens to what his gut tells him. He meets discomfort, uncertainty and change with a ready mind and an open heart.

In this interview, he shares how the power of our innermost desires can create an adventure-filled life. Richard Bowles also talks about how he manages his fear and how his adventures have shaped his life.

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