The Most Common Interview Questions (Part 4)

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As the interview progresses, the difficulty of the questions tends to escalate as well. We have gone through the basics about yourself. We also shared tips on answering why you should be hired. We even covered how to answer questions about your shortcomings.

Now, we are shifting the focus on your goals and your passion. Questions like these are the perfect opportunities to let your personality shine.

What are you passionate about?

This question allows interviewers to get to know you–the person, not just the interviewee–better. It may be easy to assume that a hobby aligned with the job you’re applying for is better. You can say you’re a chef who loves hosting dinners with friends every weekend. However, you can still shine as an applicant with a totally different hobby.

For example, you’re applying to be a content writer. That doesn’t mean you need to emphasize writing as a passion. If you love watching the opera, talk about why you love it. Then, focus on relating how your admiration for one complicated and unique art form allows you to add more depth and character to your writing.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Do you often wonder why this question always comes up in interviews? There are a few specific reasons. The company would like to know if you have ambition. It is also a question that gauges how realistic your expectations are. These two factors are about your professionalism. However, the most important factor is the one that deals with the company’s needs: Is the position you’re applying for aligned with your growth and your ambition?

To answer this question, be as realistic as possible. Talk about how this position can affect your growth. You don’t need to have a complete vision set, though. You can simply express how you believe this position will open wonderful doors towards a fulfilling journey to your goals.

What makes you unique?

This question is as straightforward as it gets. Provide a real reason why they should pick you over all the other applicants. Remember to relate your reason to the job position. We’re sure you are exceptional in more ways than one, but choose the one that gives you the most edge. Basically, you are being asked why you should win the competition for this exact job.

Unsure how to do all that? Get feedback. Ask your trusted colleagues and friends about the traits they’ve witnessed you exhibit. Tell them to choose the one that is most relevant to web design, sales, marketing, or whichever field you wish to land. You can also figure out your strongest traits by reflecting on what people most turn to you about. Is it your leadership skills? Is it your ability to communicate?

Focus on one or two things, then don’t forget to prove them with solid examples and evidence.


The great thing about preparing for interviews is how much time you spend learning about yourself. Let your preparations inspire you and allow you to align your values and goals. Being honest with yourself is the first step towards a successful interview. Good luck!

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