DESIGN: OZ Rainbow iPhone Wallet

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For the past decade or so, our smartphones have been our #1 companions. No one leaves home without it. Year by year, these gadgets have become crucial to our day and a huge part of our lives. Some are addicted to games or social media while others know how to detox and to regulate their usage.

No matter what type of smartphone user you are, you love having your phone handy. May it be for entertainment or emergencies, it is undeniable that we need our phones to survive the modern age. Want to make your phone even more important?

Use it to store some loose cash with Revolution Australia’s Oz Rainbow iPhone Wallet! Its sleek design with a burst of colours and lines is the perfect lowkey yet fun wallet you’ve been looking for. This wallet comes in an open-book style and has a built-in stand and elastic strap closure. The iPhone 6 & 6s wallet holds two credit cards while the iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus holds three. You can bring your Oz Rainbow iPhone Wallet wherever you go!

Oz, Aussie, Australia, Rainbow, Wallet, iPhone Wallet, Revolution Australia, Australian design, unique wallet

Show your love to family and friends with a simple, unique, minimalist gift! Revolution Australia’s premium shirts, bags and other merch are one-of-a-kind pieces. The Oz Rainbow iPhone Wallet is just one among many unique prints that you can give to your loved ones.

Each item from the Revolution Australia shop is ethically-sourced and locally-made.

Support small businesses and let’s rise together through this pandemic!

You can get the Oz Rainbow iPhone Wallet here:

This particular design may also be bought as a clock, Samsung Galaxy snap case, graphic T-shirt and many more.

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