Helpful Tips for Planning Your Dream Uni Timetable (Part 2)


Steer Clear of Extended Breaks Between Classes

It’s a breeze to do—one class at 9am and another at 2pm. That’s plenty of study time between classes, right? Well, the truth is you don’t really need this much time, particularly during a semester’s first half. That big gap in between lectures often winds up being a bummer when you’re just waiting on campus for all that time to pass.

It is best not to have breaks between classes that are over two hours. It is also preferable to have it at around lunchtime, so you can unwind with some food. You can utilise the time between classes more, though, if you study online.

Be Ready & Get in Early

Stay on top of the crucial dates for timetable preferences and adjustments. If you miss these deadlines, preparing a picture-perfect timetable won’t work. It doesn’t matter what time the preferences or adjustments open; you have to be ready to log in at least 15 minutes earlier.

Time flies fast, and websites sometimes crash. By getting in first, you ensure a higher chance of securing your dream timetable, which will make all the difference in your uni life.

Work Around Your Schedule

Your days in university doesn’t have to be the most stressful years of your life, and having an effective timetable that works for you is key to that. Once you have it set, you can then include other activities in your schedule that can make being a student worthwhile.

We’re talking about meditation breaks, study dates, and group chats about any topic under the sun. All that and more is totally fine, as long you’ve got the perfect timetable to help you be academically consistent. Follow these tips, and see just how easy it is to accomplish your academic goals!

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