Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Part-Time Jobs (Part 1)


In seeking jobs, there are some factors that might affect your ability to commit to full-time work hours. And if you’re looking for more stability than what freelance or contract work can offer, you’re more likely to go for a part-time job. You might also be offered one but doubting if it’s worth it. These days, part-timers are virtually sought out by every industry. But before you enter this kind of work setup, we’ve got answers to some basic questions you might already be asking.

Exactly How Many Hours Is Considered Part Time?

This is how the Australian Bureau of Statistics differentiate full time from part-time employees based on the number of hours each have to put in per week:

Employed full-time – Workers that typically work 35 hours or more per week (in all jobs), and people who, while generally working less than 35 hours each week, worked 35 hours or more in the reference week.

Employed part-time – Workers that typically work less than 35 hours a week (in all jobs), and have done so in the reference week (or weren’t at work in the reference week).

What Will The Work Schedule Be Like?

Most part-time office-based jobs offer employees fixed work time in a week. Nonetheless, schedules can vary depending on the season. For instance, if you’re employed by an accounting firm, tax season will likely result in added work hours. It can also depend on whether a company has big projects and important events.

If you’re someone who has other duties outside of work, like school, familial responsibilities, or a different job, you’ll be glad to know that part-timers can often choose or be flexible about setting weekly schedules. Of course, where you work and what position you hold will be a big determining factor in this.

What Benefits Do Part-Time Jobs Have?

Similar to the work hours, the benefits you’ll be entitled to as a part-timer will depend on the company. While lots of employers only give benefits like childcare allowance or dental insurance to full-time workers, there are those that offer a few or even all of their benefits to part-time employees too. A few commonly offered ones to part-timers are life insurance, paid holidays, and paid time off.

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