Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Part-Time Jobs (Part 2)


What Types of Jobs are Part Time?

Most people think part-time jobs are mainly available in the retail and food business. However, they are also available in almost every industry’s office setting and can have titles including the words assistant, clerk, or coordinator. Part-time jobs are likely to have any title, though, that can be searched, depending on the role and its schedule. 

For instance, some companies employ part-time software engineers or project managers. Another available option is “job sharing,” where two part-timers take on a full-time job’s duties—like how medical offices can have morning and afternoon receptionists.

Why choose to be a Part-Time Worker Over a Full-Time Employee?

Part-time jobs can come with some advantages that full-time ones don’t have, and they are the best route for particular people, circumstances, and lifestyles. Here are some examples of what part-time work may offer:

  • Extra time for other activities – This is appealing to workers who have responsibilities outside of work like parenting, education, or taking care of other family members.
  • A steady salary stream – Even if side hustles bring in money, it’s sometimes insufficient or inconsistent, so taking a part-time job can supplement one’s income while focusing on other money-making schemes.
  • Shorter shifts – This is ideal for teens, college students, folks who are retired from their full-time profession, or those with chronic diseases or in other conditions that can make long hours too demanding.
  • Added earnings – For those whose full-time work doesn’t compensate enough for day-to-day life.
  • Experience – For people entering the workforce or changing careers.

If you’re looking for part-time work, you may want to visit websites like Adzuna and Indeed to have an idea about what kind of jobs are currently available out there.

How many working hours are expected? Do you get to have a say in your schedule? Will there be benefits? Is the offer always going to be part-time? If job descriptions don’t provide answers for these questions, don’t be afraid to ask them in the interview.

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